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To provide our internal experts with the best understanding of your precious asset, please fill out our simple online form.

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After you submit our online form, one of our experts will get in touch with you within 24 hours to go over the preliminary appraisal of your item.

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When you are satisfied with our preliminary assessment, we will send you a secure Royal Mail package so that you can send us your items.

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For your security, we will open your package on camera after we receive it.  The final valuation will be determined once one of our experts inspects your item personally and provides you with a quote at the highest feasible price.

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When you accept our last proposal, payment is due. Either you can pick up cash in-person or have the money transferred to your bank account. If not, an express mail check will be delivered to you.

Why Sell My Diamond Ring


Sell my diamond ring is a sister company of MAK & Co and 950boyz. Because it is our retail and wholesale brand, it gives us the advantage of being able to give our clients the greatest price possible at sell my diamond ring, allowing us to maximise our profit margins and making YOU the seller pleased for the highest price paid.

The team at Sell My Diamond Ring are experts in dealing with luxury assets. Our in house experts have over 10 years of professional experience and  We work with integrity and honesty, and strive to offer our customers the best service and prices available.

10 Years Experience

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