sell my Rolex for cash

How can I sell my Rolex for cash?

Luxury watches enhance your style and become more worthy over time. The most famous of all luxury watches is Rolex as it never loses its value. Whether you have received Rolex as a gift or inheritance or purchased one, it is just the right time to upgrade it. Rolex is a valuable asset and you might be right in thinking ‘How can I sell my Rolex for cash?’

Real vs. fake Rolex

First of all, you need to know whether you have a real or fake Rolex watch to estimate its true price. You might not be able to tell the difference apparently but a real Rolex watch does not make a sound while working.

The trademark Rolex has a Cyclops lens whereas a fake one does not. A fake Rolex watch is lighter in weight as compared to a real one as it does not have original metal. The winders of an original one are engraved, contrastingly a fake one has winders on its sides.

Value of Rolex watch

Remember that all the models of Rolex do not sell at the same prices. The model counts highly to sell your Rolex watch for a high profit. Age and condition are equally important. If the watch is good as new, keep your fingers crossed for high revenue. Gold watches are at the top in the price range followed by platinum and stainless steel.

Diamonds add to their value. Retailers will love your Rolex watch with the original box and paper. You can easily calculate the price of your watch considering these factors or have a watch retailer estimate the price. A tip here is to take prices from multiple sellers to know exactly the worth of your watch.

High retail price

You must know the difference between market value and retail value in your search for ‘tips to sell my Rolex watch.’ Market value is the available quotation for the price of your watch. It is compared with the prices of the new watch in comparison with a used one. Retailer price is what the dealer will provide you keeping his profit. He might also add up the cost of repair and cleaning. Retailers can pay you higher than the market price as they sell on commission. Better opt for a trustworthy retailer to generate leads.

Estimate condition

The price of your antique watch depends directly on its condition. If you have not worn the watch, it is good as new and you deserve a higher price for it. Similarly, if you have worn the watch with care, it is worth every penny. On the other hand, if you have removed or replaced some parts or changed the strap size, the price will drop for the Rolex watch. Here is the Sell my Antique Jewellery you can check now.

Where can I sell my antique watch?

Have you been searching for where can I sell my Rolex? There are multiple options, each having its perks. You can either sell it through a dealer, an online platform, or yourself. A dealer is more likely to sell your watch for profit but it is quite difficult to find a trustworthy person. Nothing is better if you have a reliable retailer who guides you through the price and sale process.

Secondly, you can sell the watch yourself to a relative or friend or in the market. But you need to be well informed about the condition, details, and price of your watch. You might be able to get a higher value if you are aware of the market trends. The third option is an online platform. They can sell your Rolex watch faster and can pay you more. But always prefer a licensed and renowned platform to avoid scams.

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