How can I Sell My Diamond Jewellery

How can I Sell My Diamond Jewellery?

How can I sell my diamond Jewellery? It is a hot debate in the Jewellery market nowadays. Making the right decision can be very difficult for anyone especially if you are selling for the first time. Diamond does not give you the highest resale value as compared to gold.

But diamond Jewellery is undoubtedly very precious. But you should know every detail and value of your diamonds while selling them. Here are a few tips and tricks for your quest on the best practices to sell my diamond.

When to sell my diamond Jewellery?

Selling diamonds is undoubtedly a difficult decision. But you should know when the best time to sell diamonds is. Unlike gold, you cannot predict the market trends for diamonds. Diamonds are not much of an investment so expect to lose a bit of money. Therefore the right time for selling is when you get a trustworthy buyer and good money for your diamonds.

For first-time or inexperienced sellers, it is quite difficult and retailers are more likely to purchase from wholesalers rather than the public. Just because someone told you that diamonds are valuable, it doesn’t means you will be able to make a good deal. An expert company can guide you better about diamond sales. Do not be quick in selling, conduct your research. You should visit some shops and online buyers to get the right estimate for your particular diamond Jewellery.

What do expect in Return?

It is not practical to go into the market with high price expectations. Just observe and get an idea of how much your diamond is worth. A professional appraiser follows the market trends for resale and tells the resale value rightly.

Always do the legal paperwork yourself rather than trusting a third party. Also, check the prices of new diamonds in the market. You can estimate the price for your possessions. Expect to lose 25-30% of the money you invested in purchasing.

Check the seller’s profile

Are you wondering about whom to sell my Antique Jewellery to? It is always convenient to sell to someone you trust rather than searching through the market and online retailers yourself. Whether you are working with a known or unknown seller, check their ranking in the business bureau. Furthermore, see others’ opinions about them. What other customers and businesses say about them can help you make a better decision.

It is indeed very hard to find the right buyer since they are likely to generate more profit for your diamonds. You should also consider other options like hiring an agent, dealer, or company to sell your Jewellery. Through market agents, you are more likely to get a higher profit as they work on a commission base for the resale price.

Get information about diamonds

You can get more profit if you have complete knowledge about your diamonds. If you are wondering about Sell my GIA Diamond Jewellery, here is a pro tip. The four factors which add up to the resale value of diamonds are color, clarity, cut, and carat. Cut means judging the shape and cut quality of your diamond. Carat is about the weight of the diamond.

Color and clarity work together, according to the Gemological Institute of America the color scale of diamonds is from D to Z. D is the lightest color or colorless diamond whereas Z is the highest or brightest color of diamonds. Clarity is the measure of a diamond’s flawlessness. The jeweller will check for any imperfections in it. All of these factors determine the resale price for your diamonds. Make sure to get it tested by a trustworthy laboratory.

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