How can I sell my Lab Grown Diamond

How can I sell my Lab Grown Diamond?

Can I sell my lab grown diamond? This is a hot debate in the jewellery market and the answer is yes. Many platforms help to buy and sell lab-made diamonds. Many people prefer natural diamonds over lab-grown ones but they also have resale money as a part of their original sale price. Now the resale market price works interestingly.

If you have purchased diamonds as a value for money, you are likely to get a lower resale price for it. For example, if you have purchased natural diamonds, you will sell them for less money as compared to the price you invested in them. But the rules are somewhat different for wholesale retailers. The general public is offered less value for their diamonds.

Pricing to sell lab-grown diamond

The Rapaport pricing system is an internationally acknowledged system of pricing diamonds. Retailers can give you money for diamonds based on their 4Cs. With this system, you can get the price based on the percentage of the Rapaport price even if it is natural or lab-generated diamonds. It is a standard to benefit everyone but diamonds should be purchased for luxurious purposes only.

Selling lab diamonds

Lab-generated diamonds are highly trending in the market. Though local retailers are not into buying those much, some platforms can help you out. However, the future chances of lab-grown diamonds sale are relatively high because of their uniqueness. The sale price of diamonds depends on many factors like their weight, color, carat, and clarity.

Tips to sell diamonds

In your quest of ‘how can I sell my lab grown’, here are a few tips:

  1. Firstly, check whether you are legally able to sell them or not. Are you the owner? If someone has gifted lab diamonds to you, maybe you don’t have the ownership to sell them.
  2. Retailers require paperwork when purchasing from the public. You must have a grading report from AGS, GCAL, or IGI. You also need to present the receipt for purchasing diamonds.
  3. Conduct your research about the retailer and contact them if you surely want to sell your diamonds. If you back out from the sale, you might lose a bright chance of making a good deal.
  4. Better select a reputable partner who follows the FTC’s jewellery regulations. Go for suppliers and retailers who have experience in the field and are renowned.
  5. Have a diamond detection device if you tend to work with diamonds. You should also train your staff to check the diamonds even if you are trading with trustworthy retailers.

What are certified diamonds?

The term ‘certified diamonds’ refer to the grading of diamonds based on certain tests. It precisely determines the value of diamonds. This certification is valid and can be worthy if you want to sell and resell your diamonds. Many retailers trust the testing procedure and you can get some value for your diamonds. A gemologist can help you get an accurately estimated price based on the characteristics of lab-grown diamonds.

Value to sell my lab-grown diamonds

Have you been searching for ‘how to sell my diamond jewellery? There are many options but go for a reputable retailer. You are expected to get 25-30% less money than you invested in purchasing diamonds. If you compare lab-generated and mined diamonds, lab-generated diamonds are more valuable.

It is due to the machinery, laboratory, and scientists who are dedicated to making accurate diamonds. They are better in quality in contrast to mined diamonds. But mined diamonds are still more costly in terms of trading. It is because of the high difference in supply-chain demand of lab-grown diamonds.

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