Want To Sell My Rolex Watch

Want To Sell My Rolex Watch?

When we think about luxury watches, the first brand that comes to mind is, none other than, Rolex. There is no doubt that the Rolex brand has a long reputation for making the best wristwatches in the industry worldwide. They are famous for being a smart investment because these watches retain their great market and brand value over the last so many years. So, if you are somebody who is also looking to sell my Rolex watch with a good profit margin, this blog is for you. Let’s keep reading!

Want to sell the best Rolex watch of yours but don’t know where and how to start to make the right deal? This article features all the important factors that you should consider to cash out your valuable Rolex watch and upgrade it to the latest style and elegance. So, before you sell your Rolex watch, make sure to keep these few points in mind by Sell My Diamond Ring to make the best deal out there!

Keep Your Original Papers 

As you have already made up your mind to sell your Rolex Watch, please, search for the original documents or warranty it came with. The buyer becomes more satisfied if provided with all the original documents and their box and there is the probability that you will get more money. Documents include the product manual, warranty card and any other papers it came with. Original documents will authenticate that your Rolex watch is original because there are many master copies available in the market too.


Saving receipts of your purchases is a good habit and if you do so, you are lucky enough because this habit can save you from hassle. Giving original receipts and documents to the buyer will show how much the new Rolex cost you.

If you show your buyers the original documents along with the receipts of repair work of the Rolex watch if done. It will help increase the trust and satisfaction of buyers in you and your product. It will show that the owner of the Rolex Watch has taken good care of the watch and the buyer will happily pay a good amount of money for the Rolex watch.

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Reference Number

All the Rolex Watches are for individuals out there and hence come with unique serial numbers. As mentioned, the Rolex watch has multiple copies making it difficult for a layman to differentiate its originality. It is recommended not to share the serial number while posting its ad online. It is said about the Rolex watches that their serial number say a lot about them. There are various databases available online that can track the details with the help of serial numbers. It is worth mentioning that the age of your Rolex watch can be found easily by the serial number in one of two locations.

The serial number of the watch that is made in or before 2004, will be engraved on its case and you can see it only by removing the watch band.

With the passing year, in 2005, Rolex changed its strategy and started to engrave the serial number on the rehaute of the watch’s case instead of the case. Rehaute is basically, a ring between the dial and the crystal. Interestingly, in the mid-2000s and afterwards, the rehaute of the Rolex watches are engraved with the word “Rolex” instead of the case as in 2004 or earlier.

After 2005, Rolex engraved the serial number on the rehaute of the watch’s case for most models. The rehaute is a ring between the dial and the crystal. In these mid-2000s and later Rolex models, the rehaute has the word “Rolex” engraved on the ring. At times, it all changed again and the serial number was engraved at the 6 pm point of the Rolex watch. In comparison with the older models that were only using numbers, the newer models are using letters as well.

Market Value Vs. Retail Value

At the time you have decided to sell my Rolex watch, it is important to know the different aspects of retail value and market value. If your buyer is a dealer, he will be interested to pay you less money as compared to the common buyer because he will sell the product keeping his own profit in mind. The difference in the values may also show the requirements if needed, like maintenance, repair and cleaning.

The Rolex Watches will not devalue unless you own the oldest or a common model of the watch. That is why it is important to complete your homework so that you can easily determine the value of your Rolex watch and its market value.

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